Saturday, June 5, 2010

I have had such a hard time getting this blog up and going.First I forgot ALL the user names, passwords.I'm surprised they didn't what to know what was on the grocery list.The answer to that , would be salad dressing!
Then walks in the 29 year old who could stop you dead, with his blue eyes.The fix it all guy. Well it seems the blog as I knew it for 3 days was GONE in computer heaven. So we started all over again!BUMMER! He leaves me with complete directions on paper. Guess what? New blog gone!

Well, the person that I'm,took the Bull( computer) by the "horns" and started to dig into the past computer work.
Guess what? I think I have it all back! Please do not tell Blue eyes!

Hoping I can post a few pictures tomorrow!
Maybe I should only hope to find this blog!

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